Photo Diary of a music video, commercial and fashion film director

Last month, when the air still threatened a frosty slap in the face each time you walked in the streets of Paris, I found myself spending the afternoon with my friend Kym Ellery in her gorgeous, heated Haussmannian sublet in the 1st.  It was a spontaneous moment- one minute I was on my way home from a meeting, looking for someone to warm my hands around a coffee cup with, when I ended up discovering not only the beautiful architecture of Kym’s temporary apartment but also the elegant details and minimalist shapes of Kym’s latest Prefall ‘14 collection titled ‘INTERFACING’, she had just happened to be showing to buyers that week.  Suddenly, in this moment of impromptu visual excitement, I remembered the camera I had packed in my bag as it had been a sunny morning when I left the house.  As though something, somehow could read my mind, the doorbell rang in perfect time and Kym’s beautiful friend Ollie who just happened to also be passing through the arrondissment appeared and then that was it.  Naturally the next few hours were spent warming up on Jasmine tea, creamy pattisseries that tasted like sweet clouds of heaven and a series of spectacular dress-ups, which I luckily had the pleasure to document.

Cheeky cake
The sexiest of slippers
Lilac shimmering coat
Jasmine tea and a sweet smelling candle
Pretty in pink