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I smell coffee on your marble mantlepiece
In bed in an aubergine coloured silk skirt

I’m incredibly late, I’ve come to realise as Spring has began flirting with us again. Last year when Paris’s warm and Sunny days began to fade, I travelled south to Rome in one last attempt to taste some European warmth before Autumn really hit.  It was not my first time, nor definitely my last, but it was perhaps the longest I’d spent there so far and wow, was I struck blindly with Roma’s deliciousness.  I’m not just talking about Pompi’s tiramisu or the delicate seasonal flavours of Gelateria dei Gracchi’s home made gelato, I’m talking about the jaw dropping architecture, sculpture, art and detail not only at the Villa Borghese, Vatican or in any random Piazza, but on every street corner, behind ever cafe window and down every random little cobbled street alley.  I soon became to realise that whenever and wherever I needed a moment to check where I was on my map on my Roman Holiday, all I was obliged to do is to actually stop, look and admire the beautiful art and detail of this historical and architectural lasagne of one of the world’s oldest cities. 

A typically Roman street cafe